Few are creating, but everyone’s watching. 

Video is the most relevant and consumed medium for information in today’s modern world. Whether it’s your story, or a statement that needs to be made, my passion is helping people effectively present their message to the world. 


It has to be Real.


There’s enough cold corporate advertising out there and human beings are all designed for deep personal connection. Introducing a strong human element into the message of your video will allow the world to connect with you at a personal level. This creates a unique level of trust that is crucial for effectively reaching your audience. 


Let's Shoot.

The Interview

For me to tell your story, you need to tell your story. So here’s how it works: I come out to you and conduct and record an interview. Depending on the nature of your story, the shoot could be at your house or your business, depending on which location has pictures or objects that are relevant to your story. These pictures or objects will be used for overlay. 


The Overlay

Overlay is any video that is used to cut away from you speaking. Some messages are better told without any overlay, some are better with.  If you have a story where overlay would enhance your message, be sure to prepare it and bring it to the day of your shoot. 

The Technical Stuff

Shoots require the rental, preparation, and setup of two cameras, audio, and lighting. This is preparation me and financial expense on my end that are all inclusively covered in one flat “shoot day” fee. This includes the less technical story preparation, as well as any other planning. 


Then put it all together.

The Edit

The edit process is where your ~20 minutes of interview footage refines into a clear, cohesive message. From transferring the video off the camera to publishing your finished story online, this process takes an average of 20 hours. 


File Storage & Music Licensing

Video is irreplaceable, so taking file storage seriously is a must. Your videos will be permanently stored on multiple backed up hard drives ensuring that your footage will not be lost. Along with storing files safely, purchasing rights to use music is required. 


Then change the world.

My goal is for your story to be told in an effortless and genuine way. Give me a call, let’s plan a date, and I’ll take it from there. 


Far too many stories go untold.

Let's make this happen.

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