The owner of this badge is carrying sophisticated and fragile photo and video equipment that requires special attention.

This media badge allows access to all major press events domestic and abroad as well as the “media rate” checked baggage fees at all major airports with all major airlines.

Charging more than the publicly stated “media rates” found on each airline’s website is against airline policy and is a state and federal crime.


“Camera, film, video tape, lighting and sound equipment that is tendered by representatives of network or local television broadcasting companies or commercial film-making companies will be accepted as baggage at the fees noted below. Valid photo ID with company insignia is required.”


“Preferred entertainment and media companies and eligible travelers are offered a special rate and generous bag allowance for cameras, film, lighting, sound equipment, musical instruments and other bags.

Eligible travelers will pay $50 per piece, per one-way domestic trip, or $90/£60/€70, per one-way international trip. Fees for overweight and oversize bags will be waived.*

Each eligible organization/company may travel with up to 25 pieces per flight, subject to seasonal and permanent bag embargoes. The maximum size and weight allowances are subject to the policies in place for the destination. Equipment is subject to seasonal and permanent bag embargoes.


“Camera, film, video, lighting, and sound equipment will be accepted when presented by a representative of a network or local television broadcasting company or a commercial filmmaking company. A fee of $75 will be charged for each item in excess of the free baggage allowance. Media equipment will not be assessed oversized or overweight charges.”