Your highlight video should be a captivating experience highlighting the content of your event.  Not muted video clips played alongside a boring soundtrack.  The POWERED by Rando team has innovated a revolutionary workflow to curate content live as it's being recorded.   We can even have them ready to play at the closing of your event! Get a feel for our unique style in the videos below:


Full Length
video Podcasts

Like TED talks and football games, we record a real-time presentation with multiple cameras placed around a space.  We switch between cameras live and at the end of the presentation, your video is ready to upload!


Similar to Full Length Video Podcasts, Live Streaming allows us to send that multi-camera presentation to Facebook LIVE, YouTube LIVE, Pay-Per View and more!

Sale-Friendly Media

Audio and/or Video of your event is easily available to be sold to attendees as they leave! Sale-Friendly media is a great revenue stream for various kinds of events.